Top Burger restaurant in North York (Steeles Avenue)

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North York (Steeles)

1881 Steeles Ave W, Toronto, ON M3H 5Y4

(647) 351-8030


Mon-Sat: 11a.m.–8p.m.
Sun: 11:30a.m.–7p.m.

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North York (Steeles Avenue) location :

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1881 Steeles Ave W, Toronto

At our 1881 Steeles North York Fresh Burger™ , It is essential to keep true to our core values. We provide the classic burger, in simply the best way possible. With just the perfect amount of sauce and toppings to savor every last bite, our Angus beef is known to hit the spot every time. Your time is valuable to us, so our burgers are made to order. We aim to have them prepared in 6-7 minutes.

Within our Fresh Burger™ franchise, we aim to meet and exceed your expectations of a burger. Jacques Kavafian(our cofounder) created Fresh Burger™ in 2013 after a 30-year career in the financial industry. During his days in the financial industry, Jacques travelled the world and discovered that the best food, anywhere in the world, could be found in restaurants that had a limited menu. The hamburger, being one of his favourite foods, the inability to find a good classic hamburger was particularly frustrating to him.
Despite his hometown of Toronto being a hub for hamburgers, he could not find a restaurant that served a good old-fashioned fresh hamburger. He felt restaurants were trying too hard to be different and innovative, turning a simple concept into something complex.

Burgers should be served fresh from 100% beef, life is too short to eat frozen ready industrialized meat, we serve burgers that we would have served our own children and family members, and this fresh concept is exactly why our fans are growing, so are we in our number of locations across Canada.
After our founder decided to retire from daily finance, he was determined to create a Top-notch hamburger restaurant near his home in Richmond Hill, Ontario that would serve a classic burger – a real FRESH burger that Tastes Good like a Hamburger Should!

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Some interesting facts about North York

North York is one of the busiest sub-cities in the GTA, having York University Just West of Dufferin, and Yorkdale mall a 10 min Drive away makes this location a very prime Location. Across the street we have the Four Elms Retirement Home with many elderly people coming to Fresh-Burger to eat with us. Being on Steeles has its perks of having a variety of people going across to different locations and stopping by for a Fresh-Burger burger. Just adjacent to our plaza where we are located, we have University of Toronto Press journals and distributions where many employees come by to enjoy our burgers. Within our Plaza we have two major banks in Canada. TD Canada trust, and Royal Bank. With our hours of operation between 11a.m – 8p.m makes it prime for people working in the plaza to come enjoy our burgers during their lunch time. We strive to keep these burgers Freshly made and are happy to see our customers leave with a smile on their faces.

Why we love North York

North York

Mel Lastman Square, which was named after North York’s mayor for 25 years, hosts several fun events throughout the year.

The entertainment district is one of a kind

North York has two movie theaters, live music, concerts, and dancing, plus live performances at the Toronto Centre for the Arts. The Centre contains three impressive halls, including a 1,726 seat main stage. If you like movies and musicals, you’ll love living in North York.

Public transit is great

On those days when you’d simply rather not drive, your options for public transportation are excellent in North York. With Yonge-University subway line 1, Central North York is easily accessible by transit to and from downtown. That’s just one of your many options.

Fresh Burger™

Try our famous FreshBurger™ combo!

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